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Tips for travelling with pets

4th July 2016
Tips for travelling with pets

Tips for travelling with pets

Your motorhome is probably your next biggest single purchase after your home - especially if you've invested in a new motorhome. So make the most of your purchase this summer by going away in your motorhome with your family, including your much loved pet. If you're camping with your pet, you're guaranteed to have a lot of fun, and also save on extortionate kennelling costs. But there are also some things you need to bear in mind. The most obvious piece of initial advice is: try before you buy! You might check out some dog-friendly rental companies and a model for a short, experimental trip before heading to a dealer to actually fork out for your home-from-home. Once you have made that big purchase, get your animal acclimatised to the motorhome while it is parked outside; you could spend some time reading, watching TV or having a cup of tea or even a picnic lunch in the vehicle so the pet gets used to it as part of your routine and lifestyle.

Other top tips include:

Like young children who are attached to favourite toys or objects, pets like their playthings, so don't forget to take them along. Make sure they have blankets or a basket that already smells of them, too, so they will feel right at home!

Dogs, especially, like to be able to nibble and
slurp at will, so a good idea to have water always available.

As with human passengers, pet-safety while travelling is paramount, so be sure to fit tailor-made harnesses appropriate to the make and model of your vehicle.

If you are motorhoming with dogs, take along lots of old towels that can be used for wiping muddy paws and generally drying them off.

Double-check before departure that potential campsites are pet-friendly. There are guidebooks available, but you can always contact the campsite and ask in advance.

Pets can get travel-sick or stressed-out, too, if cooped up on long journeys, so do take home exercise breaks along the
way and pack some appropriate medication in case the worse- case scenario arises.

Buy a solid stake. You'll need to attach your dog on site, so a good stake and about 15 ft of lightweight rope should keep them secure while allowing ample movement.

Most motorhome furnishings seem to be available in any colour you like - as long as it's beige! That's impractical if you have a pair of playful mud-larks on board, so invest in a couple of sets of removable, washable covers.

Try and keep at least a roof-vent open at all times.

Finally, there are a number of motorhome accessories that will make your vehicle more pet-friendly: ramps to facilitate access for aged or small pets, special travel beds, collapsible pet carriers and much, much more.

Happy hounds make happy holidays!

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